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martial training in modern swordsmanship

Founded in 2015, Columbus Saber Academy offers programs in LED Sabering and Historical European Martial Arts, designed to develop conditioning, confidence, sportsmanship, and discipline.

Classes cover basic and advanced techniques, forms, drills in timing, distancing, footwork, offensive and defensive strategy and tactics, controlled bouting, and tournament sparring.

Limited and Unlimited class packages. Family and Group discounts available.

1-1 or Private Training is available for all our programs at a per session or monthly rate.

e luce, ferrum - from light, steel

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Our team of instructors and senior students are always working to create new content for our students local and remote.

Visit our YouTube channel for live content, training videos, fight videos, gear and product reviews, and interviews of some of the top fighters and instructors around the world.

Reach out if you have a special request and we'll work to get something online for you!

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