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martial training in modern swordsmanship

Founded in 2015, Columbus Saber Academy offers programs in LED Sabering and Historical European Martial Arts, designed to develop conditioning, confidence, sportsmanship, and discipline.

Classes cover basic and advanced techniques, forms, drills in timing, distancing, footwork, offensive and defensive strategy and tactics, controlled bouting, and tournament sparring.

$65 per month, unlimited classes. Family and Group discounts available.

1-1 or Private Training is available for all our programs at a per session or monthly rate.

e luce, ferrum - from light, steel

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Our hosted events

Crossroads Open Tournament

May 23rd 2020

Crossroads Open Tournament

May 23rd 2020

Join us on May 23rd for the inaugural HEMA tournament for Columbus Saber Academy and the Ohio River Valley League. Two events for the day - longsword and military sabre.

Click here for more information and to register for the event!

CSA's Saber Experience

Columbus Saber Academy's Saber Experience is an immersive 2hr group event completely unique to all of Ohio, and includes training in sabering basics, 1-1 drills, controlled sparring, and combat challenges against our instructors.

This is the perfect event for bachelor or bachelorette parties, team building events, "date nights", and group events - everyone will enjoy the challenge!

Experiences can be scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday or Sunday afternoons, schedule and staff permitting.

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