Founded in 2015, Columbus Saber Academy is a fencing and martial training academy that empowers personal growth and emphasizes the importance of fundaments, structure, mechanics, tempo, and measure, offering weekly classes in historical European dueling saber and rapier, dagger and self-defense, lightsaber, sword yoga, and general conditioning.

Classes are offered at

Slomovitz Elite Taekwondo, 8628 Cotter Street, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035


The Church of the Sparkling Unicorn, 2350 Indianola Avenue, Columbus Ohio 43202

We take what we do very seriously, and in we know that for our students to truly shine, we must offer our experiences in an engaging and accessible way. Our approach is to always tie together and relate techniques and plays from the past and show how they have practical application in today's world.

Whether you're interested in general fitness, tournament-level competition, or just out to have some fun in a safe and accessible community-based environment, we have something for you.

Beginners are welcome in all our classes.

Fees are per class and space is unfortunately limited – please register for all classes through our Schedulicity system (link above).

Across all our classes, students will be presented with instruction in foundational and advanced techniques plus tournament-level training and coaching as they progress from guided solo and partner drills to active adaptations and free-sparring.

With emphasis on proper footwork, mechanics, movement, discipline, control, and structure, we create a welcoming, inclusive, and effective environment that enables successful practice and personal growth.

Weapons are provided in all our classes (if needed), and when ready we will work with students on recommendations to purchase their own weapons and sparring gear.

Sabre, Rapier, and Sidesword

Our Sabre, Rapier, and Sidesword HEMA Fundamentals program leverages the works of Italian masters Luigi Barbasetti, Ridolfo Capo Ferro, and Achille Marozzo to present a comprehensive fencing program in historical European one-handed weapons.


Our youth and adult Lightsaber programs offer our students an opportunity to learn fencing through a unique and original fighting system, combining techniques from Japanese Kenjutsu and European Longsword using a competition-grade lightsaber.


Daggers & Defenses

Our Daggers & Defenses program is an ongoing study in the mechanics and application of armed and unarmed self-defense techniques with a dagger, cane, and hanbo (half-staff) using Achille Marozzo's 1536 text Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi.


Sword Yoga

With sword in hand, our Sword Yoga program will instruct the student through a series of poses (asana) and movement exercises that will help to increase flexibility, muscle tone, circulatory health, and athletic performance. Poses and movements can be done with varying accommodations.


Bullwhip Fundamentals

Offered by Daniel Trout from Mach1 Whip Artistry

Unleash your inner Zorro, Catwoman, or (of course) Indiana Jones. Our Bullwhip Fundamentals class teaches the practice and application of sound martial techniques to decimate targets with the supersonic tip of the whip or delicately wrap inanimate objects with pin-point precision Classes focus on structure and body alignment, hand-eye coordination and fine motor control, spatial awareness, minimalism, accuracy, tactile sensitivity, and flow and fluidity of motion. Safety glasses or shatter-resistant prescription glasses are required (loaners available on a first-come basis).