Founded in 2015, Columbus Saber Academy started with a small group of like-minded individuals brought together by this wonderous weapon - the sword.

We have an amazing amount of passion and experience across our instructor team and offer weekly instructor lead classes geared to develop ability, endurance, confidence, and sportsmanship.   

Our Historical European Martial Arts (longsword, military saber, rapier, and dagger), Bullwhip, Movement Arts, Longsword Yoga, and our kids and family Lightsaber programs offer practice in foundational and advanced martial techniques and focus on the importance of structure, mechanics, tempo, and measure.

When you are ready, our advanced classes focus on the competitive aspects of the arts - tournaments.  We regularly travel around the country to participate in tournaments and training events to test ourselves and our training but also, and more importantly, to expand our community and CSA family by meeting and crossing swords with new and exciting like-minded people.

CSA's mission is to provide an open, welcoming, and inclusive environment that empowers personal growth and encourages community development. We offer over 12 hours of instruction and training every week and encourage everyone to try a variety of our classes to find what fits you best.

School fees are $75 per month for an individual or $130 per month for a family - unlimited classes.

Click on the Schedulicity link below, or the "Sign Up For Classes" menu item to join us.

CSA is a member organization in the Ohio River Valley HEMA League (ORVL). Our students and instructors are active in the HEMA community, participating in tournaments and workshops around the country throughout the year, and are proud to host our annual Crossroads tournament series.

The goal for all our Crossroads events is to present an experience that support personal growth of fighters as well as the growth of our local, regional, and national HEMA community.

Our annual Crossroads event on September 17th and 18th was simply amazing. We had 96 participants, across 20 schools, and 528 matches over 14hrs in Women’s Longsword, Open Longsword, and Open Sabre

As You Wish – our Rapier & Dagger tournament (and Princess Bride screening) on December 10th – was a great success with 30 participants across 13 schools!

Thank you to all our fighters, sponsors, staff, volunteers, family, and friends!

We are already discussing our 2023 event plans - click the Crossroads link above to see all our winners and stay informed for all future tournament events!