Across all classes, students will be presented with instruction in foundational and advanced techniques progressing from guided solo and partner drills to active adaptations and free-sparring, with emphasis on proper footwork, mechanics, movement, discipline, control, and structure. Weapons are provided (if needed), and we will work with students when they are ready on recommendations to purchase their own weapons and sparring gear.

Cost is $15 per person per class with an option to sign up for our
unlimited monthly class package at $75 per person.

Please visit our Schedulicity site to register and view our schedule.

Fencing, Conditioning, and Self Defense Classes

Taught by Tom Amoroso

La Sciabola (Sabre)

A single edged cutting and thrusting weapon with a curved blade and a one-handed grip, our sabre program leverages the works of Italian master Luigi Barbasetti and emphasizes the study and practice of the molinelli, which are types of circular cuts.

Spada a Dui Mani (Longsword)

A two-handed, double-edged weapon, our longsword program focuses on lessons from the Italian traditions – Fiore dei Liberi’s 15th century work Fior di Battaglia and Achille Marozzo’s 16th century work Opera Nova dell’Arte delle Armi.

La Spada (Rapier)

A single-handed weapon which has two edges on its narrow blade, our rapier program leverages the works of Italian masters Ridolfo Capo Ferro and Achille Marozzo and covers application with a rapier and a rapier and dagger.

Daggers & Defenses

The mechanics and application of armed and unarmed self-defense techniques – strikes, joint locks, throws, escapes – with and against a dagger, as illustrated in Achille Marozzo’s 1536 Opera Nova dell’Arte delle Armi.

Sword Yoga

Everything is better with swords, even yoga. With a sword in hand, attendees will be guided through a series of static poses and dynamnic exercises designed to help to increase flexibility and circulatory health and improve athletic performance.


Fencing and swordplay presented through an original and exciting fighting system, combining techniques from Japanese Kenjutsu and European Longsword using a competition-grade lightsaber.