Our goal for the Crossroads Tournament Series is to present experiences (and awards) that support personal growth of fighters as well as the growth of our HEMA community. As we did for 2021, CSA will pay the winner’s registration fees for their next ORVL tournament event!

Our Longsword tournament will be held on Saturday April 23rd, and our Steel Sabre tournament is in the calendar for Saturday July 9th.

Tournament registration is $40, and our goal is to complete the event by 6:00pm to allow plenty of time for community interaction.

Register Here!

Good luck to all our competitors!

Our tournaments will follow this general structure – please click here for detailed rules and requirements.

  • The event will be structured with Pools and Elims, where all fighters will advance to eliminations
  • 18’x18′ rings
  • 4min continuous fight clock
  • Head and torso strikes award 2 points
  • Arm or leg strikes award 1 point
  • Disarms award 2 points
  • Valid in-tempo after-blow strikes awarded based on point difference
  • For Longsword, any awarded strikes made with only one hand on the weapon will only be 1 point
  • First fighter to 7 points or time expiration
  • Strikes must of be good quality to be awarded 
  • Excessive force is not allowed and insufficient contact will not be awarded
  • Punches, Kicks, Take-Downs, Set-Ups, Throws, and Ground Fighting are NOT allowed

We would like to say THANK YOU to all our current event sponsors! If you would like to be a sponsor, please send us an email.