Our first class was at a small dance studio in Westerville in January of 2015. Little did we think on that day that we would still be here (and going strong), eight years later.

There have certainly been some ups and downs, but through it all we kept our core approach to training and personal development, emphasizing the importance of structure, mechanics, tempo, and measure.

Our mission remains to this day - to offer engaging and accessible experiences across Fencing, Self-Defense, Movement, and Conditioning.

We currently offer classes in Westerville and Lewis Center covering HEMA Longsword, Rapier, and Sabre, Lightsaber, and our unique Sword Yoga, and our Daggers & Defenses programs. Visit our Schedulicity site for our current schedule and class times or visit our classes page for more information.

We have fun during class and always strive to present a relaxed and casual environment, but we take what we do very seriously and are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space that supports success and growth for our students.

Whether you're interested in general fitness, confidence building, tournament-level competition, or just out to have some fun in a community-based environment, we have something for you.

Fees are per class and space is unfortunately limited – please register for all classes through our Schedulicity system (link below).